How To Master Your Fear

5 Steps For Processing Your Emotion In Business To Land Clients

Ever found yourself procrastinating, distracting yourself, struggling with decisions, or simply playing smaller than you know you can?

If you're like most business owners, these patterns exist because you resist, ignore, or react to fear, keeping you stuck in a downward spiral.

This mini course is designed to teach digital marketers and online business owners how to actually process the emotion of fear so it no longer stops you prospecting and selling with confidence.

I created this mini course because if you want freedom, income and impact from your online business, knowing how to process fear and continue to move forward will be your secret weapon.

Your Instructor

Tyson Sharpe
Tyson Sharpe

In the last 3 years I have coached close to 200 online business owners, one on one, helping them break through the mental ceiling we place on ourselves that bring up the fears of not being enough and being 'unworthy'.

Trust me, I was there too!

For the first 9 month of my coaching business I had 0 clients online! I felt just as stuck as anyone. That was until I hired my coach and was finally able to see the unconscious mental patterns that was restricting my success.

I realised that all entrepreneurs have their own form of self-sabotaging patterns that lie outside their conscious awareness, acting like a ceiling that keeps them playing small.

I now see business challenges as the best opportunity for people to become the best version of themselves, and to do the work necessary to reach deeper levels of love, growth and contribution in their lives.

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Available in days
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