Welcome To The Course!

Welcome to Business Mindset Installed!

Welcome to the course!

You are here because you are the type of business owner who recognises that 80% of your success comes down to nothing more than your psychology. So if you are to break past your ceiling, overcome your fears and achieve at your next level, I’m sure you can see that the answers are not found in a different business tactic, they are found internally.  

Firstly, my name is Tyson Sharpe, I’m your emotional fitness coach on this journey and what you will find in this course is how to identify those unconscious patterns in your thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back so you can bring them to your conscious awareness and create the shift so you can not only achieve your next commercial outcome, but also find a deeper sense of fulfillment along the way.

Because what most business owners do is they focus on what to do next, or they simply try to change their mindset because they are sick of feeling fear and doubt. This is very surface level, and I’m sure you have seen that it keep you stuck. The reason being, is because action is very surface level and trying to shift out of an emotion often allows the fear to grow unconsciously within you. 

Believe me I was there too, after 9 months in my business I had 0 clients online, and I found out I was like a fly banging my head against the window trying to get to the garden, because I simply couldn’t see the unconscious patterns that were holding me back. 

And that's when I hired my first coach, and the first thing we did was tackle those unconscious patterns that were outside my awareness. It was only then did my business start growing. And in a short couple of years, I’ve coaches close to 200 online business owners one on one helping them uncover and shift the same patterns, and I have learned what separates those who success in breaking past their barrier, from remaining suck inside their comfort zone for months or even years. 

I have identified 6 mind tools that I find are crucial in making this shift 

1) Thought Awareness 

2) Emotional Mastery 

3) Reframing

4) State Management 

5) Understanding the real source of self-sabotage 

6) Unconditional Love 


If you are dead serious about getting to your next level, practicing and applying these tools are crucial for your success and what you will find is that you will feel very little internal resistance when achieving your goals.  

So grab a pen and paper, get into a quiet space and let's get started.